You will need
  • tweezers for eyebrows
To give form wide and thick eyebrows is not difficult. Experts recommended to tweeze in direction of hair growth. As the hairs on the eyebrows, as well as in other areas of the body covered with sebum, it is recommended that before correction lightly powder my eyebrows.
Calculate the length of the eyebrows is very simple. This takes the pencil and attached from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye, and then to the inside. These lines are boundaries of the beginning and end of the eyebrow. You should also pay attention to the shape of the face. If the elongated face, pinching is necessary with the upper edge of the eyebrows, women with a round face, on the contrary, it is recommended to pluck the eyebrows from the bottom to slightly lift it visually.
Don't forget be sure to tweeze all the hairs that are on the nose. After plucking need to treat your eyebrows with an alcohol pad and lubricated with cream (moisturizer).
There are a few tips for those women who prevent the fear of pain during the procedure correction of eyebrows. To reduce pain you must immediately after pulling out hairs pressed for 15 seconds the area with your finger. Do not forget that the hands must be clean, otherwise you may see an inflammatory process.
If you experience extreme discomfort when the procedure is complete, take a five-minute cold compress on the eyebrows. If after treatment of the eyebrows you did not like the resulting shape, then you need to wait at least ten days prior to the regrowth of hairs. In the case where and again you can't obtain the desired shape, it is recommended to go to the beauty parlour let a professional handle this.
If your eyebrows are rare by nature or you just overdid it, giving them a form you can use a special eyebrow pencil. Picking the appropriate color, you can draw the eyebrows. While not desirable to strongly squeeze the pencil. It's just to cause strokes, and then brush to distribute according to the required station.