It seems that the strong spirit of a man afraid of nothing. But it is not, in fact, he's just not running from your fear. He is always ready to fight with him, and because fear is receding. This is not surprising because the feeling is like only the cowardly and weak people. And those who, no matter what, face the fear win. Stop running from this insidious feeling you, then you will feel the power inside you has grown.
Set your goals and always achieve them. It is best to start with the sport and gradually extended to the spheres of work, school, family and friendships. For example, give yourself a promise every day to do 20 push-UPS or run 5 laps around the house. You must perform this task, not justifying a runny nose or a bad mood.
The achievement of this goal, increase the bar. When the 20 push-UPS will be given to you easily, start doing 25 times. Or, for example, are you running the sixth round knowing that there is still four, and you would like to stay... But don't do it, overcoming this desire, it is temporary. You will see how easy will run the remaining laps and you will feel real satisfaction and uplifting the spirit.
Find the strength never to lie to themselves or others and take full responsibility for yourself in your own hands. At first, it's not easy, and you always want to find someone to blame for their failures: a colleague, bad weather, difficult circumstances, the betrayal of a friend. But only the strong spirit of a man can take full responsibility, because he understands that all that happens to him, depends on him and only in his power to change.
Know how to manage your mind and to get rid of Intrusive thoughts problem. Learn to make decisions and play negative scenes in his head that all the more you will tighten and sink. You need to clear your head of negativity, to relax and, well analyzed, to make a decision.
It is therefore recommended that all the important tasks to carry on the morning, not evening. In the evening people are more prone to emotion, his brain is tired, so anxious and joyless insights to the easiest.
Evening is the best time to devote to meditation. It will help to clear your mind from all the excess, soothe the soul and strengthen the spirit, and then in a new day you enter a strong and confident person.