Take a sheet of paper and write down the reasons and lifestyle factors that bothered you before bother you now may bother you in the future. Cross out the past facts which you have already dismissed her. Now think about how will they be able to disturb you now and then. Most likely, no longer. Forget them.
Think about what bothers you now. Develop methods of dealing with it. You are an unpleasant person. It makes you feel worse. Break up with him, exclude from the circle of friends. Analyze all. Perhaps the reason lies in you.What you have yet, you need to consider now. Perhaps you could go to army (if you are a man) or imminent birth of a child (if you are a woman). The nurturing power of the spirit begins with addressing current problems and forgetting the ghosts of the past.
Mentally or on paper, make a list of the most worthy qualities inherent in you. Project them to all of life's difficulties. Solutions to problems will tell your character. Confidence in the ability of the a priori educates and strengthens the power of the spirit.
Go to bed and Wake up with the thought that you strength absolutely everything. Start small. Think about that before you wouldn't do under any circumstances. Busting yourself and try. If there is a strong motivation, you will easily cope with the task.