Surround yourself with women. Courage is most pronounced in dealing with the opposite sex. Try to frequently communicate with the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, to overcome their shyness. Cultivate confidence in their abilities and capabilities. Real courage is based on the ability to conquer women.
Try extreme sports. They will help you overcome your fears and create the rod inside herself, to become more resolute and persistent. The struggle is also perfect for these purposes - a fair fight with the enemy, limited to certain rules, is able to raise the courage of the young and in the adult.
Join a sports team. The spirit of competition will make adjustments to your character, you will cultivate the will to win, learn how to always go forward and not to let others, no matter what. The patience that accompanies such sports, will form the bravery.
To be courageous does not mean to lose any fear. After all, he is a natural barrier and protection in extreme situations. Don't forget that being afraid of something is normal. Courage will help you to objectively assess the situation, be calm and brave in an emergency. In other words, you are took to their heels and will not endanger yourself by geroystvovat, and organize rescue and prevent the panic of the people around you.
Curb your emotions. A brave man is always in control of your emotions and can harness as fear and misplaced enthusiasm. In addition to sports, which helps release energy, try meditation. It's not necessary to go to the club, you can just give yourself a few moments of rest at home. Lie down with closed eyes in silence and take a break from all thoughts.