Advice 1: How to develop the power of the spirit

In life there are wonderful people, one glance at which you want to straighten your back, raise your head and straighten your shoulders. They are not endowed with any special beauty or physical strength, but they felt the inner core, unshakeable confidence, and perseverance. Any test not break them, but rather make you stronger. What is the secret, and how to find your inner center?
How to develop the power of the spirit
The first step that you need to make to the attainment of inner integrity, is to accept full responsibility for your life. Not look for the guilty and to meet the blows of fate with his head held high. Everything that happens, in fact, have done it, just sometimes it is hard to admit. No one can force us to do something against their will. Every choice is a decision independent. Once you realize this, life will become much easier.
Try to understand. Most often when communicating with people we only hear what we say, not paying attention to the meaning of these words. However, none of the emotion is not born in a vacuum. With anger and sarcasm often hides the fear of showing weakness. And mock disdain there's nothing like the fear of being rejected. Try to hear the person and sympathize. Power is the ability to admit and forgive the weakness of others.
Act according to conscience. When we begin to pretend and to seek justification for their actions, it only means that something goes wrong. For momentary success is very often have to pay too expensive. Don't treat people bad. Committing ugly deeds, we thereby sawing off the branch on which you sit. As a rule, all committed actions return to us like a boomerang.
Be yourself and don't nothing to regret. Sometimes, getting into a new group of people, trying to adjust in favor of the society breaks its foundations and principles. Of course, to be "stupid stubbornness" is also not what. But if you are neglecting yourself, you begin to do something or not to do just because so do all, that's another question. Be yourself calm and reasonable, and you will attract people with a similar Outlook, and those with whom you are not on the road, will disappear by themselves.
Most importantly live in the present. We can't change the past, the only reasonable tactic is to accept him as he is, and not to repeat past mistakes. Future has not yet arrived, so we can only influence at the present day.

Advice 2: How to develop strong kick

A really strong blow can be obtained if you apply it with a relaxed hand. In this case, it will be sharp and biting. But how to relax muscles hands? It is difficult, because during the attack the muscles tense automatically. Among the boxers there was a belief that in order to win, you need before the fight to forge a horseshoe for good luck. Of course, not in the horseshoe, and that if the strikee of the hammer or maul is needed to relax muscles. Add to that some exercise and your punch will gain the necessary strength.
How to develop strong kick
You will need
  • - automobile tire;
  • - sledgehammer;
  • tight carpal expander;
  • light dumbbells;
  • - the parallel bars.
The work in the smithy replace the shockAMI a sledge hammer on a rubber tire. Let the tire will be dug into the ground or just lying on a flat surface. Hit the hammer on the tire on all sides to develop muscles involved in the application of different strikes. Choose a tool with a welded handle, so you protect yourself from the formation flying of the hammer during the blows.
In order to relax the biceps do pushups on the bars. Please also position "focus on the parallel bars". Legs crossed at the ankles and slightly bent. Slowly bending your lower body to the shoulder joints fell slightly below the elbow. A sharp push back to the starting position.
Do three sets of 10-12 pushups.
To make the hands more prepared for long periods of time daily work with carpal expander. Choose the most tight instance. Squeeze it sharply, with all his strength, and as abruptly let go. The load with this exercise, commensurate with the rise of the bar of the big weight. A large part of the effort falls on the muscles of the hand, this will allow you to get rid of the fat layer between the muscles and strengthen the big toe that is most often affected by the strikeE. Work with both hands alternately.
Any really strong impact begins not with movement of the shoulder. First, the work includes the muscles of the legs, then the movement is transmitted to the housing and through the recoil of the energy goes into the hand. Model the correct movement every day for at least 10 minutes in front of the mirror. Grab a light dumbbell. Polukilogrammovy shells will help to develop enough speed strikeand not to pump the muscles.
Very effective exercise for developing strength push and relaxation of biceps – blasting push-UPS. The easiest option for such push-UPS – push-UPS with cotton. Starting position – prone position. Hands slightly wider than shoulder width, elbows straight. The back is straight.
Slowly lower body until chest touches floor. Then sharply push the body up, in a phase of flight time to slap hands under the chest and then return to its original position. Not to hurt the elbow joints, landing on bent arms.
Perform three sets of 8-10 repetitions. In the latter approach run the maximum number of push-UPS.
Useful advice
If the expander is too soft for you, replace it with a piece of thick rubber the size of 8х4х1 see
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