Take and plan your day in detail. In the evening see how the reality matches the written plan.
Set a small task. Then, having received the expected result, raise the bar. When it comes to difficult goals, realize all the possible feelings and thoughts that you experience in the face of defeat.
Break the large task into segments and smaller pieces. Then, each day mark that is on the intended route, that you can change for the better, and if you increase the load.
Indulge in a previous pleasure to gather with friends for a beer to watch two movies before bed). As is known, the morally strong man is tested in his resistance to temptation, and temptation.
Start to cultivate. The power of the spirit is the least sensitive locations, in which the fall of well-aimed arrows of fate or of enemies. Sign up in the fitness room or make it a tradition to run in the mornings. Perhaps if you are one of lovers of meat delicacies, go on a vegetarian diet. Set a condition - not to go to bed without reading one of the chapters of "Lust for life" by Irving stone.
Remember every hour of your day about the purpose that term. Don't let the little things derange your emotional background and to deprive enthusiasm.
Learn how to concentrate in difficult and adverse conditions. For example, you can try to focus on something important, and that requires mental effort in crowded transport. At the same time, stay alert to important, don't let the thoughts or emotions to fully capture your attention.
Learn sometimes to be over the situation. Analyze what and why it happened, but don't dive into the situation completely. With a cool mind go to the selection of alternative solutions of a problem.
To be morally strong man, most often it is not enough to read the manual to strengthen willpower and leadership development. You must have the courage to meet life situations and believe in yourself.