Every day we face many situations in which it is possible to train your willpower. For example, in the morning when I do not want to get up alarm clock. Instead of to lie an extra half hour, and then, not having had Breakfast and gathered in a hurry, run to work, stand clear on the call.
In that half-hour to win its second lazy "I" and exercise, take a shower and prepare a light Breakfast. You busting yourself and forced to do what he wanted, but, going to work, you will definitely feel the satisfaction. It is? So all right, and that's a plus on your strength of will.
Do not go on compromises with myself. Often have to make decisions and the method of resolution, but often chosen the easy way out. Just stop doing this. No compromise with them should not be, you are at the meeting. The easy way is not only adds to the experience and affects the result, but also relax your will power. In short, you become weak. Always choose the path that is objectively better for results, not for your well-being.
Clarify for yourself why you need the willpower that you lose because of its lack, and what will become, if we finally impose it on themselves. Write down on a sheet and hang it above your Desk or in plain sight. Every time you want to delay something for another day, look at his record and do it.
The following exercise builds upon the previous paragraph. When you have a clear sense that this is today you will definitely not want to do, in my head flashed the thought "every other time, not today", it means that your strength will give up. Lock those thoughts and desires as a sign that now you need to perform or complete a specific action. This should be a fat pointer that defer does not.
Sports better only develops strength in a man. It is not about recreation or exercise for the sake of it, but about a sport where the result is important. Systematically overcoming yourself, you will forge a character.
For example, you set a goal – an hour of vigorous Cycling. But in 40 minutes you find it hard to move the pedals, and in my head appears again the treacherous thought of stopping training. Take a minute break and spend the next 20 minutes riding a bike, and then fix your feelings. You again pleased? Great, your willpower is also saying thank you.