To determine the group of blood and RH factorand give a special analysis of blood. Please contact private, state or KOMMERCHESKIY medical center. Within three to four hours before the visit you must not eat. Blood you take from Vienna.
Pay analysis in the cashier of the medical institution. Its value depends on the city where you are located, and specific medical facilities. In Moscow such examination costs an average of 500-600 rubles. The results you can get through two or three days. If you wish, you can order an Express-analysis for more money. If you go to the hospital because of an injury, and you will need a transfusion of blood, study group and RH factor will be provided to you free of charge within the compulsory health insurance.
If you wish, put in your passport stamped with the group and rhesus. This can be done in a medical facility. This information will help you if you are ever brought to the hospital unconscious and you will need a blood transfusion.
If the child is not yet born, you can learn the group his blood. You need to know the group and rhesus of his parents. Group of blood of a person depends on genes, denoted as A, b and 0. People with the first group of blood is the carrier 0, and its group is denoted as 00. The winner of the second group can have a set of genes A0 and AA, the third - B0 or BB, and the fourth - AB. Since gene 0 is recessive to a, he is suppressed by other, dominant genes A and B. Under this system, the mother with the first group (00) and the father of the second child may be born with the first or second group depending on a set of genes from his father (A0 or AA). They may not be the son or daughter with the third or the fourth group due to the lack of gene V. At the same time, the mother with a fourth group with any partner, not a child may be born with a set of genes 00.