Just want to note that the construction of a traditional block of houses to economical options for the construction of a private house is not. But modern panel houses are much cheaper. Therefore, they are popular among gardeners and growers.
These houses are built of environmentally safe and practical materials, as well as open up the eyes wide possibilities for different design solutions. Home shield will be relatively inexpensive, easily constructed and possesses good insulating properties, as well as a choice of any architectural form.
The shield building is the structure, which consists of ready-to-install panels. The construction of such facilities is substantially different from building a house from bars. There is no need to establish a solid Foundation, and therefore the time of construction of panel houses is significantly reduced. So a medium size one-story home can be your own to construct and finish within five days. And it is sure to be beautiful and cozy.
Alternative to homes is a housing consisting of so-called depatement plates. These plates consist of 90% wood chips, processed in a special way. They are fixed metal rods facing each other.
These plates are manufactured hardscape, walls in the house and more. The timbering exposed on the belts to the desired height using nails and metal clamps. Ceiling also installed manually: plate or void boxes are placed on a temporary stand. After that, the design is reinforced by pouring a internal voids formed between deposement slabs, concrete. After solidification of the solution can be assumed that the house was built. Will only perform the finishing work.
The main advantage depatement plates is re-mineralization. That is, from the outside they look like a mineral, but inside they are mostly composed of natural wood.