One of the most cost effective, and involves rapid development of suburban area of the solutions is to build a cobbled or timbered house with an area of 20-25 m. This will allow you to quickly get warm - to the future of the country house, which later will get "overgrown" with additional tweaks and add-ons.
Start the construction work with the restroom. The best solution is to install a panel Board Cabinet to the drain tank. It can then be moved to any place.
The construction market is pleased to offer consumers hundreds of architectural and structural proposals, but it is easier and faster to build a country house of timber or logs with the stove-stove.
When buying a log cabin immediately to take care of the foundations. Remove with a building spot the whole vegetation layer. Boulder or block foundations with a good dry soils can be founded directly on the surface. Simultaneously with the foundations you had better to immediately determine the position of the stove to lay out a single concrete Foundation, on in-depth 40-50 cm. When you put the oven, you yourself will decide the final height of the Foundation. For furnace in this house is the Foundation dimensions 120x80 cm thick Walls, as mentioned earlier, timbered or bruschatyh. Timber take a cross section of 15x15 cm or more. Smoked the width of the groove in the wooden walls must not exceed 12 cm.
The floors are supported by wooden joists. Don't forget to include in the design of floors, the presence of insulation. The roof make kromochnuyu, 45 degrees or more. This will further allow you to adapt the attic for the attic room. Roofing roof prepare soft, asphalt. As a temporary roof with a slope of 45 degrees it can last 10-12 years. Can be directly put simulate tile piece asphalt roof. It is not much more expensive, but looks much nicer and is two times more.
The ceiling is wooden. Lay boards on joists, do not forget about insulation, sound insulation and operational load of the future attic space. Windows install immediately double. An excellent choice would be plastic Windows, which are recently very popular. Door make (buy) reinforced and insulated. That's all.