Cheap house may be erected, provided that you select a project in which to understand not only the people who help you in its construction, but you do. You should choose the right materials: for example for the walls is better to choose in accordance with the affected environment. Sometimes cheaper wood, sometimes concrete, and in some areas and made of brick. During construction it is necessary to consider the current regulations on the thickness of the walls. And if you build a brick wall, you must know that it will take great effort, brick, cement, and perform it yourself will be quite difficult.
Chasing low cost, it is likely to acquire pretty low-quality materials, so you should monitor this carefully.In order to save you can reduce the width of the house, remove some walls in, for example, between the hall and kitchen. To make the roof gable and to reduce the thickness of the walls a couple of inches.
When using modern building materials and tools, you can do the construction yourself.
A fairly quick and relatively cheap construction of the house is to build using blocks of polystyrene foam. These blocks are hollow, which poured the cement for the construction of walls of these blocks. The house, built with the use of such materials retains heat even better than brick, that quite significantly reduce heating costs. Styrofoam – the material is quite harmless, its use is allowed even to come into contact with food, therefore the danger of its use there.
To build a house from foam concrete are preferable to concrete slabs in order to avoid deformation of the blocks. After the construction will have to faithfully look after the house, to heat it, as foam concrete blocks can soak up moisture and during cold weather may cause cracking.
The savings in the construction of such housing in comparison with the house built with bricks will be achieved through the reduction of preparation of Foundation loading and unloading and prices for the materials.