If you plan to build a holiday home, spending the minimum amount of time and money, it is best to consider a quite interesting version of the garden shed, which is built on the principle of the Fox hole.
Few people know what a garden house Lisya Nora. Such a garden house very similar to the usual dugout. It should be noted, that the dugout is the most good shelter from any weather. It is possible to escape from strong wind, rain and cold. If you want to cheaply build a house, just the house Lisya Nora, just for you.
From groundwater, as well as the quality of the soil will directly depend on the humidity inside the garden shed. In order to have good waterproofing, it is necessary under the lower harness bikrost underlay or roofing felt. Over time, will be a violation of waterproofing in the places where it will be damaged roofing. Bad waterproofing can be seen in the houses, to which is attached a cellar.
For building a garden shed you need to use a thick smooth logs, which have minimal number of knots. The fact that over time from the load of logs can break down. The beam will break at the place where the twig.
First you need to dig a hole in the perimeter. It needs to be 1 meter more than the planned garden house. On the bottom is necessary to lay the roofing material. The top is made by laying four logs. They will serve as the bottom rail for the house. In the corners of the bottom trim install logs. The attachment by means of angular brackets. Next, install the rafters.
On each side it is necessary to cut the intermediate posts. Finished wall garden house best sheathing with tar paper or boards. Front wall can be additionally insulated. Then the rafters nailed to the sheathing and covered with a tar paper roof.