On the first row of the worksheet, enter the word "abstract" – put up 16 PT font Times New Roman and highlight the word in bold.
Double-indentation, leaving a blank line. In the first sentence annotations use the common template. Write that essay under such a name (name given in full, in quotation marks) of the author (your name and surname in genitive) about a particular area of science. Further fleshing out, what was the subject of your research. Specify what sources you have been working. It is enough to specify the type studied literature, not to mention the titles and authors of books. Specify the key tasks that you performed as a result of studying this literature.
In the next paragraph will elaborate on the empirical and theoretical material studied in the preparation of the abstract. Discuss the main concepts discussed, what are their positive and negative sides. Summarize the conclusions you came to as a result of the work.
Specify the practical significance of the abstract. Write, in what areas and purposes you can use the information.
The main text of the abstract dial a Times New Roman font, size 14, sesquialteral interval. Text alignment – by width.
The sheet with the annotation insert folder essay between the content and the first page of the first Chapter of the work.