You will need
  • Spreadsheet editor Office Excel 2007
To sort the table by any column by clicking any cell in the desired column, right-click in the menu that appears, move the cursor to the SORT row and choose the desired sort direction. Sort smallest to largest" for columns containing text values, means sorting "alphabetically", and columns with date or time - sorting "earliest to latest". This way you can sort table in descending or ascending order of values and the indication of formatting for cells in which these values are based. Making table cells (background color, thickness and color of the font, etc.) is called "formatting".
How to sort data in excel
If you want to sort data by multiple columns - you can do the above procedure a desired number of times consecutively for each column. But you can use the option in the same dialogue to ask all interesting columns and sort directions for each of them. To do this, click any cell in the table, right-click and hovering the cursor on the line SORTING, it is necessary to select "Custom sort".
Sorting by multiple columns
A dialog box will appear "Sort". In the drop-down list Sort by, we have to choose the first of the sortable columns. In the drop-down list to the right of it, you need to specify that we are interested in the cells in this column - values or formats (color, font, icon). And in the third list, you should also select sorting direction. This sort the first column from the right end and now you need to configure the following - click "Add level". To the already filled line, added another and it will need to fill in the same way. The total number of such strings in the rule set of a complex sort for the same table must not exceed 64 is more than enough for data processed in Excel spreadsheets. If there is a need for more complex rules for sorting, it seems, for processing such data, use a more powerful application, DBMS (Database Management System). In the native Office Excel Office Office a database is Office Access.
Setting up complex sorting