It usually happens during times of stress, when a man starts eating everything to not think about problems. Candy, chocolates, cookies and more starts to go in motion, and constantly something to chew on has a habit.

To get rid of this habit, you first need to unlearn to combine food with some other activity. You can't eat and read, watch TV, sit at the computer. For food definitely need to allocate time and eat in peace without being distracted to anything else.

Between meals is necessary to arrange breaks in 3-4 hours. Gradually you get used to it and there are every twenty minutes will no longer be necessary. This is done to ensure that the stomach time to digest food and was constantly overloaded.

In any case, no need to go on a strict diet, which is now a lot of on the Internet. The promise that over a short period of time can relieve a lot of unnecessary pounds that will not come back, should not believe. Women who resort to such diets, starve themselves, suffer, and when the diet ends, then break down and begin to overeat, which again leads to excess weight.

To beat addiction you can, if you abandon harmful food, sweets. If no health problems, it is better to eat spicy food which improves metabolism. Need to develop willpower. But just to torture yourself is not worth it. Sometimes you can treat yourself to a favorite food, but in moderation.

In more severe cases of bulimia a person wants to eat constantly and becomes addicted to food like a drug addict. He always requires a "dose".

In such cases, to become a slave to food is dangerous and it is better to consult a specialist who will help to beat addiction.