The Use Of The Psalter

The Psalms as Holy songs, most of them were written for temple worship in ancient Israel. Each Psalm has its own history, its own special reason for writing. In the Christian Church the book of Psalms has also become the primary book of worship, believers new sing and pray reading the Psalms, seeing in them an indication of the love of God revealed through Jesus Christ. Church experience determines many of the Psalms prayer a special purpose, in particular the Psalms, read the disease.

Psalms for healing

The most famous of all the Psalms read in Church and related to bodily recovery is Psalm 102. The General idea of this Psalm, beginning "bless the Lord, my soul", is that the person proclaims the greatness of God and his mercy and generosity to all spheres of human life. In particular, the Psalm includes the lines: "He forgives all your sins, heals all your diseases, saves from destruction thy life, mercy, and bounty that surrounds you!" (PS.102:3-4). Similar words are found in Psalm 146: "the Lord heals the brokenhearted, binds up their wounds" (PS.146:3). It is very important to pray the Psalms out loud, because prayer is above all the experience of those feelings which were the authors of the Psalms, praying under the inspiration of God.

Other Psalms-prayer

The following are the numbers of the Psalms, which also have strings, which is a prayer to the Lord about healing. This Substation.12 ("give me eyes to see the light, the sleep of death don't let sleep"); PS.27; PS.28; PS.37 (during the pains); PS.38; PS.40 ("on the bed of sickness the Lord will give him strength - the bed of the sick You will transform!"); PS.48 ("but God will redeem my soul from the power of Sheol for he will receive me"); PS.90 ("nor dread of night not afraid of you, not one day put an arrow, no plague, crouching in the night, nor the pestilence in broad daylight"); PS.114 (praying especially difficult, the dying pains); PS.140; PS.141 (with pain and fear); PS.142 (when pain and sadness).

The practical importance of the reading of the Psalter

In the home of every Christian believer should be the book of Psalms. It is very important almost every day to read the Psalms. Prayerful reading of the Psalms can be performed not only for themselves but also for family members, for the healing of loved ones. The Psalms should be read with a sincere heart and faith, to read the Psalms completely, or, if not possible, to repeat the reading. And the main thing to remember the famous biblical admonition of the Apostle James: a lot effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man!