Bonsai are created by your own hands practically will not differ from a living tree. But the advantages and benefits of artificial trees is immeasurably greater: its cultivation is not necessary to do for many years, it does not require watering and special care.
To beautify this garden you will be able removed from site lighting in the room. The most important thing is that it's not worth the crazy money.
Create a handmade masterpiece, start with a search for a suitable driftwood or tree branches. They are found in the woods or in the Park. Pay no attention to the fact that SnagIt with small defects, they can be eliminated in the process of making artificial wood. Thus, the material for the trunk of the bonsai we picked up.
It should also be on saving green twigs of coniferous trees. Suitable pine, juniper, spruce. Not do our work without moss. Best suited moss. Now, when the tree is picked up, you can proceed to the stage of conservation. Conservation is necessary to the needles are not showered upon drying, and is preserved in its original form for several years. Conservation also will help to preserve the bright green color of the needles.
For chemical preservation is necessary to prepare a solution of denatured alcohol, acetone and glycerol in the ratio 1:1:2. The solution is to be stored in a tightly closed jar because it has a strong odor.
You have collected the twigs of the plants a thorough rinse with water to clean away the dirt. Then place them in the solution for a period of not less than a week. Sprigs should be covered with mortar as a whole, not to float on its surface. After processing, rinse the plants in water. Keep in mind that when such chemical treatment is not only conservation, but also wybielanie plants. Further branches are subject to color.
Processed and washed twigs should be hanged on the balcony (or the attic) and allow to dry at least a week. Glycerin makes twigs of plants is elastic and prevents the falling of the needles. Dried twigs can be painted.
Use oil paints, diluting them with linseed oil, turpentine or acetone. Handling of needles easier to run with a brush or spray gun. To paint a lay evenly, pre-dip the sprigs into the hot paraffin. The paint should be applied only on the needles.
In addition to the branches, driftwood and dried moss we will also need glue and wire. Installation of the bonsai requires some skill and patience. As a result, we have to obtain a composition most similar to the living tree.
Cut the twigs to length and glue them to the trunk of the tree, whose role will be to carry out a snag. For fixing use wire. Later, when the glue is dry, it will need to be removed. Places which were exposed to processing, you should decorate with moss. When assembling your artificial tree keep in mind that the center of gravity of the composition should allow it to steadily be on its place.
If you are careful and patient, soon you will see the composition is very similar to the living tree, capable of retaining its shape for a few years. You will only have from time to time to blow off your creations dust.