You will need
  • Computer, Internet, screwdriver, sandpaper, pliers, drill, file, materials for the manufacture of the helicopter (balsa, aluminum, plastic, etc.).
Download from the Internet the drawings of a homemade helicopter on the remote control. Similar material online a lot, the main thing – to choose the model that you will collect, and for production where you have all the necessary materials and tools.
To improve the technical characteristics of your model, make helicopter with gyro. It is also possible to collect with their hands, and to fly the helicopter will be much better.
Make from balsa wood and the metal hull of the fuselage. Install two servos to control the swash.
Spend the first test, to make sure the installed parts are working in the right mode.
Glue the balsa fuselage, the helicopter will not only look attractive, but also acquire additional protection of the hull.
Fabricate and install the blades and the mechanism of misalignment of the blades according to your instructions.