You will need
  • - model drawings;
  • - material for the manufacture of the helicopter;
  • tools;
  • glue;
  • - power supply unit;
  • - the remote control.
To make a homemade RC helicopter, you first need to find the right model to pick up the drawings. Then take the material (this can be either plastic or wood). Apply drawings on a solid piece of material and cut out the necessary details. If you want to make the helicopter Windows, you will need a transparent plastic, which must also be processed in accordance with the parameters of cabin of the future model.
Next we have the description of the scheme is to assemble the model, carefully adjusting details and carefully gluing them together. Don't forget the screw and the tail part. Possible details to connect between a little nuts. This will help safer to maintain your helicopter in the air will not collapse. Don't forget to leave space for the accommodation of the motor.
While the main part dries up, you can do the actual engine. For this you need to get a battery. Batteries for RC models are rated from 200-300 to 2000 mA/hour. So the battery is not outweighed helicopter, place it in the middle of the body. Don't forget to check how it works in conjunction with the remote control. Insert the power supply unit helical axle, then put on her blades. Now you can check how the battery responds to the remote control.
Now until the end of the assemble the model and try to run it in the air. If work, then you did everything correctly, and the motor is selected according to the weight of the product. If the helicopter does not take off, then you need to disassemble it and determine what the problem is. Don't forget to extend the wiring from the main power supply unit to the rear screw, which is located in the tail of the model. If this is not done, the tail can "drag" the whole body of the helicopter.
At the last stage, you need to decorate your model. To do this, you can come paint or stickers. The helicopter can paint in any color you like.