You will need
  • Ceiling tiles without patterns in relief, plywood of 3 mm thickness, glue "Titan",utility knife, measuring, ruler, wooden (50 cm), colored tape, electronics, instrument control, drawing, model plane, sandpaper, basic knowledge of aviation terminology.
Print a drawing of a model aircraft, which can be found on the Internet. Then stick it on a ceiling tile, given the "fiber direction" is defined by bending the sheet of tiles in a variety of ways. Arrange every detail along the "fibers".
The wing and the fuselage glue the two layers of tiles, inserting between the halves cut in half wooden ruler. In the front part of the fuselage cutout under the motor, increasing its overlap of the plywood.
Stabilizer and fin are made of a single layer, cut them on the rudder and the Elevator. Then glue them up with adhesive tape so that the control surfaces freely deviated relative to the horizontal stabilizer. The rudder and Elevator glue the brackets management.
Glue airplane parts together. Model glue colored tape with an overlap of 5 - 7 mm. Install the motor and electronics. Battery put in such a way that the center of gravity of the aircraft was at a distance of 1/3 the chord of the wing from the leading edge. Check the model for planning with the engine off. Achieve smooth decrease by moving the battery forward or back.

Now start the aircraft with the engine running.