If you decide to drive, you will need the person who you will train. Nobody appeared in the white light with ready rights and driving skills, so in school there is nothing wrong. You can hire a private instructor, but to ride with him, you can only in a fenced area, because the travel to the city without a license by law is strictly prohibited. There is only the driving school.
Choose a driving school where you really learned to ride. It is better to pay more expensive, but a good instructor who will roll with you 50 hours or more on a busy highway, traffic jams will teach you to assess the traffic situation will be much more than pokataemsya with you on the quiet streets in third gear for 15-20 hours and solemnly declare that you now know how to ride.
The woman is quite possible to learn to drive and to right. But on the first day, many of them make the fatal mistake of getting behind the wheel, and dropping into the passenger seat of her husband. Rare man remembers the days when he was a rookie. He knows that immediately went right and never made mistakes. The most persistent of them is able to silently endure the second or even third your mistake (and they are in the first year of driving has not escaped anyone), the rest just starts yelling. They shout themselves not hearing, some start nervously grabbing the steering wheel or gear box. So start to travel alone and without witnesses.
Husband, friends, relatives and children can take passengers only persuasion that they will sit silently and will not hinder you to follow the road.
Often it happens that after receiving the right, the female lays them in the back drawer and forget for a year, five, or ten. At the thought that she had to drive her panic. This state may last indefinitely, do not give in. Since you already have it on the road you can go. Here are some useful lessons from a private instructor. Well, if this is the instructor female, but among men, too, are quite adequate mentors. Ride with an instructor on the roads that you have to travel alone. Gradually expand your radius of travel. Decide on an independent trip. Ride as often as possible, and over time you will come to experience, without which, alas, the driver will not become.
So pereshagivaete through yourself, through your fears, through the men's distrust, sit in and drive.