You will need
  • - the documents confirming the right of ownership of the apartment or house;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale of real estate or the rights to apartment in the under construction house;
  • - the act of reception-transmission of housing;
  • - the documents confirming expenses (receipts to credit orders,receipts of the seller of the apartment, Bank statements about transfer of money on account of repayment of a mortgage loan, commodity and cash vouchers, acts about purchase of materials, etc.);
  • - credit agreement;
  • - confirmation mortgage payments;
  • - printouts from the Bank split payments on interest, loan and other Bank fees, if any;
  • - Declaration form 3НДФЛ;
  • - proof of income and paid them with personal income tax at a rate of 13%.
Collect all documents that prove your rights of ownership of the purchased housing and its acquisition, expenses on this article, but if you pay the interest on your mortgage and credit relations with the Bank and a printout showing exactly what the amount paid as interest and confirm that you make the payments.
You will also need documentary evidence of income and paid him tax. It is easiest if the income received through the tax agent (salary and other benefits under an employment contract with the employer, the various fees and royalties under civil contracts, etc.). In this case, you simply submit to the accounting Department at the place of work and other tax agents of the application for issuance of a certificate in form W-2.
In the presence of income obtained from abroad or from the sale of the property, you must present documents proving their source (for example, a contract of sale) and receipt of an independent tax.
To fill in the Declaration form 3НДФЛ easier with the latest version of "Declaration", which can be downloaded free on the website gnivts FNS of Russia.
To understand its interface is not difficult, simply select the desired fields and enter appropriate data on the basis of available documents.
The finished Declaration made by a program, save, print and sign.
The application for granting the tax deductionand is written in any form. It should be addressed to the tax inspection at the place of your permanent registration (residence permit) and contain information about you (name, address, zip code, VAT number, phone number) and request a property tax deductionin connection with the acquisition of housing.
All the documents you can include in the tax personally or send by mail. In the first case make from all pack copy, it will make a mark of acceptance. In the second it is better to send by registered mail with a return receipt and list of enclosures.
Within three months after receiving your claim, the tax should make the decision whether to give you a deduction or not, what to notify you.
You can obtain due to return taxes to your Bank account. For this we need to write to the inspection statement indicating the account number and Bank details for transfer. Must be received within one month.
Another option is getting a deductionand a tax agent. In this case, inspection will give you a certificate on the right to a deduction, in which to set your withholding agent from whom you will receive a deduction. Take this document to the accounting Department, and she will cease to deduct from your payroll taxes, while the state will not give you back all your overpaid tax.