You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - the "Declaration" from an official site of Federal tax service of the Russian Federation (
Keep in mind that the right to receive tax deductions provided by the state only to those citizens who work and pay income tax at the rate of 13%. The right to a property deduction you can take advantage of a once in a lifetime. Income tax will be returned to you gradually. Typically, this occurs within a few years (depending on the wage and withholding tax), but only the amount not exceeding 2 million rubles, even if you spent on the purchase of the property much more money.
For registration of a property tax deduction, gather all necessary documents: the passport, the contract of purchase and sale of real estate (apartment, house, room); accounts, receipts that prove payment under the contract; acceptance-transfer of real property; certificate of state registration of homes. All documents, except the passport, make copies of. If for housing, you had to use a Bank, mortgage or loan, be sure to attach a copy and the original of the relevant agreement, and a certificate of interest paid by you on the loan. Don't forget to request it from the employer's income statement for the previous year form No. 2-NDFL.
Submit the required documents, contact the Federal tax service on the place of registration for registration Declaration form No. 3-NDFL. To fill in the blanks form you can, referring to the samples that are on the stands of the tax Inspectorate. Having a home computer with Internet access, you can apply for a Declaration in electronic form, and then pass it to the tax authority. On the website of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation download and install on your computer the program "Declaration" for the relevant year. To fill out forms will help the program provided tooltips.