It must be remembered that the return you can more than 260 thousand roubles, i.e. 13% of the 2 million rubles. If you buy a house on mortgage program, you can receive a tax refund from the amount of interest paid. The restrictions on benefits interest rate does not exist. To get them, must provide annually to the tax office a certificate on the paid interest issued by the Bank, and copies of receipts for the repayment of the loan.
In order to get the money when buying an apartment, it is necessary to write the application in tax inspection in a residence at the end of the year in which it has purchased housing, and attach the following documents:
- certificate of state registration of ownership rights to the apartment;

- agreement of purchase and sale of real estate;

- the payment documents confirming the receipt of money by the seller of the property;

- certificate of employment in form 2-NDFL on the amount of tax paid;

- the Declaration under the form 3-NDFL.
After you will be provided with all the documents, the tax inspection will check their authenticity and within 3 months you will receive a notice of tax refund. But you should know that will refund you only paid for the reporting period tax. It will return until then while you will not received all the due amount.
To get the money back with the purchase of housing in two ways. In the first case, you income tax return the entire amount after calendar year. Second - you need to provide the employer with a certificate from the tax office that you are eligible for a tax deduction. Then you will receive a payable tax monthly, i.e. it will not be withheld from wages.
Remember that when buying a home in shared ownership property deduction is divided between all owners according to their shares. At the conclusion of the contract of purchase-sale between close relatives or between the employer and the employee tax deduction is not available.