Advice 1: How to get money with the purchase of an apartment

Few people know that when purchasing the housing, can partially recover its cost. In accordance with Russian legislation, the buyer of the dwelling is entitled to compensation for once in my life 13% from cost of an apartment or home. This amount is paid income tax.
How to get money with the purchase of an apartment
It must be remembered that the return you can more than 260 thousand roubles, i.e. 13% of the 2 million rubles. If you buy a house on mortgage program, you can receive a tax refund from the amount of interest paid. The restrictions on benefits interest rate does not exist. To get them, must provide annually to the tax office a certificate on the paid interest issued by the Bank, and copies of receipts for the repayment of the loan.
In order to get the money when buying an apartment, it is necessary to write the application in tax inspection in a residence at the end of the year in which it has purchased housing, and attach the following documents:
- certificate of state registration of ownership rights to the apartment;

- agreement of purchase and sale of real estate;

- the payment documents confirming the receipt of money by the seller of the property;

- certificate of employment in form 2-NDFL on the amount of tax paid;

- the Declaration under the form 3-NDFL.
After you will be provided with all the documents, the tax inspection will check their authenticity and within 3 months you will receive a notice of tax refund. But you should know that will refund you only paid for the reporting period tax. It will return until then while you will not received all the due amount.
To get the money back with the purchase of housing in two ways. In the first case, you income tax return the entire amount after calendar year. Second - you need to provide the employer with a certificate from the tax office that you are eligible for a tax deduction. Then you will receive a payable tax monthly, i.e. it will not be withheld from wages.
Remember that when buying a home in shared ownership property deduction is divided between all owners according to their shares. At the conclusion of the contract of purchase-sale between close relatives or between the employer and the employee tax deduction is not available.

Advice 2: How to get tax with the purchase of an apartment

Buying a private apartment, as a rule, is associated with high monetary costs. Anyway, apart from the joy of purchase their own homes, you are entitled to the exemption granted by the Tax code of the Russian Federation in the form of a property tax deduction. Having handed over necessary documents to the Tax office, you will receive a refund that will help compensate the expenses on purchase of the apartment.
How to get tax with the purchase of an apartment
You will need
  • • certificate of income of physical persons under the form 2-NDFL (from all jobs for the year in which acquired housing);
  • • original and photocopy of the passport;
  • • a completed tax Declaration form No. 3-NDFL;
  • • original and copy of the deed to the apartment (if the building is not put into operation);
  • • certificate of ownership of the apartment, if it is already there, (original and copy);
  • • if you have used a Bank mortgage loan, the certificate of paid on it percent;
  • • payment documents confirming your expenses on acquisition of housing (originals and copies);
  • • the statement in the free form to receive a tax deduction.
Property tax deduction for the purchase of housing is provided to residents of the Russian Federation once in a lifetime. They can use taxpayers paying income tax on the income of physical persons (NDFL).Right to use the tax deduction do not have citizens who buy housing at the expense of the employer, the parent capital, dividends, lottery winnings, or payments made from funds other Federal and regional budgets. Also deprived of this right, citizens who have purchased housing from related parties. In any case, before registration of all documents on a tax deduction, you should consult a tax inspector about whether you have the right to this tax deduction.
Since January of 2008. property tax deduction for the purchase of apartments given to citizens under the Tax Code, in the amount of actually incurred expenses but no more than 2 million. Practically, this means that the amount refunded to you tax will be 13% from 2 000 000, i.e. up to 260 thousand.
If you have used Bank mortgage loan, under the Tax Code, from January 2010 you will also be able to receive a tax deduction on the interest on the loan without any restrictions. For example, you bought an apartment for 6 mln. R., thus took the mortgage Bank loan. According to the contract of mortgage , the total interest amount for the whole period of 1,2 mln. R. total amount to calculate the refunded tax must consist of the cost of the apartment, but not more than 2 mln. R. and interest payments. The final calculation will look like this:
(2 000 000 + 1 200 000) x 13% = 416 000 p
So, previously you have already calculated the amount of the refund. Now you have to collect the necessary documents. To collect the necessary information and make copies of them – a simple matter. The most difficult step here could be the filling of the tax Declaration under the form 3-NDFL, if you've never done this. The easiest way is to seek the assistance of firms or individuals that provide services for completing tax returns. Ads about such services you can find on Bulletin boards next to the tax authorities or online. You can also learn self-completion returns.
Forms of declarations in free access can be obtained at the offices of the tax inspection at the place of residence for work with individuals. Forms in a tabular format Microsoft Excel to fill the tax returns electronically can be found online on various websites. In this case, the tax inspectors are advised to pre-fill the Declaration sheets in pencil so that you can later submit after verifying the fix.
If you pretty good targeting computer and repeatedly filled all sorts of forms in electronic form, you can help specially designed Tax service of the Russian Federation the program "Declaration". On it you can go to the following link: Here you will find both the program itself and the instruction on its filling. The convenience of this service are obvious: the program does all the calculations for the amount of the tax refund. The results of calculations in the form of completed tax returns and printed and dumped on a diskette or other electronic medium, and deliver to the tax office at the place of residence. Ask in advance in the tax office of their district on what types of media they have accepted the Declaration. This method of submission of the Declaration will significantly speed up the processing of your reporting and the removal of the final decision to refund to you any tax amounts.
How to get a tax with <em>buy</em> <strong>apartment</strong>
Within a month the place of registration you will receive a letter with notice of assessment of a property tax deduction in your name showing the amount. You need to go back to the tax office at the place of residence with the following documents:
• statement of tax deduction, where you need to specify the Bank details in the account that will hold funds tax deduction;
• notice on tax deduction and its copy;
• photocopy of the passbook (front page in expanded form).
After some time, usually within a month, means a tax deduction will be deposited into your Bank account. On the same period of time you will receive from tax inspection the decision on the transfer to your account specified amount.
Useful advice
If the amount credited to you for tax deduction beyond the amount you paid income tax during the specified year, the calculation of the property deduction breaks for several years. In this case, the Declaration on the income you will need to take in subsequent years until it is repaid the full amount of the tax deduction.
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