You will need
  • Text editor Microsoft Office Word.
To put ticks in the right places in the document, Microsoft Word 2003, please click menu "View" select "toolbars". In the opened list, select "Forms".
You will see a new bar Forms. You must click the check Box to add a check mark symbol. Clicking on this button, a checkmark will appear in the place where you placed the cursor. If you need to put it in another location, click and hold the element with the left mouse button and drag to the desired location. To edit values for this element, use the context menu by right-clicking on the element and selecting Properties.
If you prefer to work with a text editor of Microsoft Word 2007, you should go to the Developer tab of the main panel of the document window. Go to the unit "controls", click the "Tools from previous versions", click on "Check".
If you need to add a check, which will contain additional text, click the check Box of a group of ActiveX controls.
A check mark symbol can be found in embedded font system. To do this, click the menu "Insert" select "Symbol". In the opened window, change the font to the system font to Windings, and select the check mark symbol.