In 1802 in the United States has released a legislative document which required the inclusion of copyright notices in any author's work. If it was a work of art, the notification should be written on its surface.

The copyright notice also appeared in the American legislation.
Until 1979 it was thought that if the work does not contain a valid copyright notice, it is not protected by copyright.
One of the elements of the notification was the word Copyright. Also used a shortened version of the copr. or the symbol ©– the Latin "C" in a circle.

The origin of the symbol

In 1909 appeared the symbol ©. At first the sign was used to indicate the legal authorship and approved the copyright on the published work. Later, the inclusion of a character in a work was not required because the copyright was assigned automatically. However, the symbol is a useful index of authorship, and its use means that the author acknowledges a particular job the fruit of their labor.

How to obtain a copyright notice

The copyright notice includes three items:

1) the Latin "C" in a circle – badge ©,
2) the Legal name of the owner,
3) the Year when the work was first published.

For example:
© Publishing House "Melody", 2003

Do I need to write the copyright notice

Sometimes musicians, business owners, or otherwise associated with the publishing house, works of art or other works of authorship, wondering whether to indicate authorship? While sign work your name is optional, from a legal point of view to make it make sense. As to register the authorship is not required, then as soon as a poem written, a painting painted, a website established, a company brochure is finished, recorded videos for Youtube, they can be marked with a copyright notice.

The fact that the way you claim your rights to the work. Unfortunately, plagiarism happens quite often.
Nothing guarantees that once one of the authors will not be victim to misappropriation of their copyright.
To prove in court that the author is you, will be much easier if the work is worth notice. In addition, in this case, it is possible to obtain by court decision more than a large amount of money for copyright infringement.