In order to calculate the amount you will receive: the amount earned in two years, divide by 730 and multiply it by 140 (156, 194, depending on the outcome of births and the number of hatched and born children). For example, with a salary of 20,000 rubles, it looks like this:

20000*24=480000(all the earnings for 2 years).

480000:730=657,53(amount per day).

657,53*140=92054,2(the amount of your maternity leave).
In severe and complicated childbirth is paid for 16 additional days (based on reference).
At birth two or more children: 657,53*194=127560,82(the same amount you will get).
The amount of sick leave and unpaid leave in the total amount not taken into account. The whole amount during the sick leave subtract from earnings over 24 months, and still divide by 730 (days in 2 years).
For women entrepreneurs and women with experience of less than 6 months, the calculation is done from the minimum wage (on the day maternity leave). The minimum size multiply by 24, divide by 730 and multiply by the required days of maternity leave (140, 156, or 194).
Less than the minimum wage, for all working women, the amount of maternity leave is not accrued.