You will need
  • computer;
  • phone;
  • documents.
Track the progress of the parcel on the tracking emailed to you after order processing. It consists of 13 characters, starts with two uppercase English letters. Next is the combination of 9 digits and ends with a code of two letters that indicate the country of the sender. For example, RK457389923DE - parcel from Germany.
Trekking should be entered on the website of the Russian post ( or Sir Jan ( In some cases, the tracking system fails. So you can call the help Desk FGUP "Mail of Russia" - 8-800-2005-888 or EMS Mail of Russia - 8-800-2005-055 (calls are free from anywhere in Russia).
Then proceed according to the instructions provided over the telephone. Possibly go to the customs. Bring your passport and a photocopy, a printout of the order. Don't forget to bring a document confirming payment of the goods. This can be a certified Bank statement credit card copy of application for remittance and statement of account depending on the form of payment.
Inform the customs officer of the trekking and provide documents. If your sending too much product, write a statement to its issuance. This paper is transferred by the employee to another window, where customs duty is calculated and a receipt is issued. After payment and filling the application package given to you.