Advice 1: How to make an entry in the work book to the Director

The entry in the labor book of the Director General complicated by the fact that among experts there is no consensus about which instrument should be specified as the basis: the order of appointment or the decision of founders on appointment of the Director General. Some point the first document, the other second and third - both.
How to make an entry in the work book to the Director
You will need
  • - form of employment record;
  • - the decision of the General meeting of shareholders or the sole solution, if the one, on the appointment of the Director General.
The rest of the entry about the head of the organization is no different from adding information about the recruitment to any other post.As the title in column 3 is recorded the full name of the organization, and, if available and abbreviated.
The record is assigned a sequential number, strictly following the number of the previous if present in the document.
Date paid strictly in designated box designated for each field value. The day and month are indicated by two digits, if necessary ahead is zero, year - four.
In the 3rd column is entered the text employed as the General Director (or other title)". Those who prefer as a basis the decision of the founders (or single founder), prefer the phrase "assigned".
As a single point of view about what to write in the last column, no, its content is at your discretion. Universal seem to be an option when referred to both document number and date of adoption: and the decision of the founders, and the order.Stamp and signature while set is not necessary, just for the record about dismissal.If the staff of the company consists of one person - the head, the record of his employment , the owner makes himself. He signed an order about his appointment as the Director. But if is the only founder, and appoints himself.

Advice 2 : How to fill out the work book General Director

General Director of the enterprise responsible for the entire firm. His technique is different from hiring a regular employee. When the conclusion of an employment contract, statements from the head is not required. Moreover, the entry in the workbook is somewhat different than writing about other employees.
How to fill out the work book General Director
You will need
  • documents Director;
  • - job description of the head;
  • - staffing;
  • - documents of the company, the company seal;
  • - labor legislation;
  • - the rules of work books;
  • - the Protocol (decision) of the participants;
  • - the contract with the Director;
  • - the form of the order on form T-1.
As the General Director, usually appointed by the Protocol of the constituent meeting (if members of the enterprise several) or sole decision of the owner (when the firm has one founder). The document must contain the personal data and date of inauguration of the head. It must be signed the Chairman and Secretary of the Council of members of a company or a sole founder (with indication of their surnames, initials).
After the Protocol or the sole decision is the conclusion of the employment contract (contract). As a rule, with the Director he signed for a specified period (except in the case when the owner himself is the head). The term of office of the first person of the firm can be from one year up to five years. If the company's founders are several, the employer signs a contract with the new Director, the Chairman of the Council of members. If the founder of the organization one, has the right to sign only one participant. The contract is certification with the company stamp and signature of the appointed Manager.
The order on form T-1 is used during the reception not only of ordinary professionals, but also the Director of the company. The document fixed the date of the appointment in accordance with the Protocol (decision). The order is numbered, dated. In the administrative part fits the wages of the head in accordance with the current staffing. The document shall be signed by Director (including the string reference, since he is a hired employee), company seal.
Employment history General Director shall be in accordance with the rules of warfare. The difference lies in the fact that the information about working place of the words "accepted for the position of" spell "appointed". The fourth column indicates the date and number of the minutes (decisions) or of the order of admission to work. It is believed that writing of the details of one will be sufficient.
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