You will need
  • Map
  • Money
  • ATM
The easy replenishment of the map is performed using the ATM. Only need to pay attention to this machine was the ability to receive cash. The first step is to insert the map thus drawn as near the slit for the insertion of the card. If the card is inserted incorrectly, the ATM will return the card, then you will need to flip it and insert again.
Then, using the number keys, enter the secret pin code of the card. You need to enter the pin very carefully, because if the numbers are entered incorrectly three times in a row, the card will be blocked.
After that show the menu on screen, press the "Deposit account" or "Deposit cash to account". After that appears about the initialization of the cash module. Need to wait a bit.
After activating the module the bottom of the panel opens the lid and starts to blink a bulb. In this module you need to invest money that must be deposited into the account. If banknotes were rumpled, their best to smooth out, otherwise the terminal will not accept them and will return.
Then, the ATM counts the bills and displays the amount on the screen with the question: "to Credit the amount to the account?" If the amount is correct, press "Yes" and the amount will be credited to your account. Further, the ATM prints a receipt, which will be seen the flow of funds and the ending balance on the card.
Also to add to the card account through the Bank's office. You need to approach the provider to transfer the money, map and passport. The operator of the Bank will make the amount to your account.
If connected to the service "Internet-Bank" to Fund your card account by transferring money from account to account in the Internet. This requires Internet access, the passwords in your personal account, card number or account number that requires a recharge.