You will need
  • Expert advice on Feng Shui
  • Appropriate room bedroom
  • Bed on legs
  • Furniture without sharp edges or woven draperies
  • Items, pleasant
  • The curtains on the Windows
  • Lamps with dim light
Pick a suitable space for the bedroom. According to Feng Shui, the place of repose, you cannot use the checkpoint room. The bedroom should be as far away from the exit from the apartment, which will give you a sense of security. In addition, this room should not be near the bathroom. The best form of marital bedrooms is a proper rectangle, octagon and circle. Of course, in terms of the average of the layouts you have little choice, but with the help of various interior fixtures you can adjust the configuration of the room.
Veil all corners and sharp objects that will point to your bed: the corners of the room and furniture, branches and so on. It is believed that such "arrows" pointing at your bed the negative energy. Therefore:
• tanavakivide the Windows at night, or use blinds.
• Soften the corners of curtains, screens, mirrors or pieces of furniture with smooth rounded forms.
• You can use plants, but only a little small in size.
• Choose bedside tables with round edges or cover them with soft woven draperies.
Put a bed on Feng Shui is to avoid known "position of death": the feet should not be directed to the door, and head to the window. Lying on the bed, you need to see all incoming. Sleep will be calmer and healthier if you stick headboard of the bed to the North wall. If the bed is double, it should have to afford free access from both sides.
Do not hang the mirrors in bed you saw yourself. According to experts in Feng Shui, it is capable of making spouses discord. Better to hang in front of your eyes of the subject, evoke pleasant thoughts. For example, a beautiful painting, decorative composition or symbolic for you to change. Acceptable to bed you saw a window with a beautiful landscape. In this case you should not fall in direct sunlight.
Mention some other important expert advice on Feng Shui.
• Choose a berth on the legs that it stood above the floor. Don't lay under the bed of junk. Under it should always be free.
• Never hang over the bed shelves and other sheds.
• Lamps do not install over sleeper and. Good to put a floor lamp with shade warm pastel tones, emits soft muted light. Lighting in the bedroom should never be too bright.