The doctrine of Feng Shui encompasses diverse aspects of human life. And the main direction – living in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. Perhaps to someone will seem strange to the recommendations of this science, but it can help significantly improve my Outlook. One of the burning questions of concern to many, is how to put the bed in the bedroom on Feng-Shui.

Which is not recommended

Since the bed is the furniture where people sleep and rest, it is very important to place it correctly. Not that she was in front of reflective surfaces. For example, in front of the mirror. This not only takes the life of positive energy Qi, but also can doom sleeping on various diseases. The man in the dream should not be reflected anywhere (any smooth glossy surface). This could be a cause of nightmares.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, it is not recommended to place the bed near the door or Windows. First, the air flow will take away positive life energy. Secondly, rest in bed, which is so worth it, will not be complete. Thirdly, there is a risk to engage in the marital life of a third party (for example, gossip or lover/mistress). If you can not put the bed away from the window or door, it should at least arrange it so that not to lie to them feet.

What you need to do

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the bed should be light. Not in the head or above it, and next to the little light illuminated the bed. This will make the stay more enjoyable, and will attract positive Chi energy to a sleeper.

Make sure to position the bed so that behind the wall there was no toilet or bathroom. If this rule be neglected, then the whole personal life is down the toilet. Well, if the wall will be the outside or another room.

The headboard of the bed can be placed amulets or talismans sleeping. It will be a kind of talisman against bad energy, even if the bed is located with violations of the teachings of Feng Shui.

Place the bed so that she is not in contact with the wall in the place where the person stands up. In other words – everyone sleeping on the bed should be a space for lifting. It is recommended to put the bed in the center of the bedroom if it is used for sleeping two.

Be sure to leave under the bed. No boxes and things. It will keep good energy, and saves power and will give complete rest. If it is not possible to remove everything from under the bed, though often get there. Remember that it should always be purely made. It is not only the key to a good sleep, and healthy hygiene.