Before changing the interior of a room, get away from it all. Go through cabinets and throw away unnecessary things. How to determine what a thing is not necessary? Remember the last time you wore lying in a cupboard sweater or pants. A year, two, ten years ago? If the thing is idle for more than five years – to part with her without regret. Worn jeans can be thrown out. But the whole thing wash to clear them from your energy, and give to a charity that helps the poor and homeless people.
Old sofas and beds, where slept your parents, grandparents or even strangers, is also recommended to throw away. Especially desirable to use the furniture, which was used by a seriously ill or deceased person. It may have a negative impact on your health and health. Try to buy new and quality furniture. It is very important that she was comfortable and caused you positive emotions.
After you get rid of unnecessary things and old furniture, wash the floors, Windows and wipe the dust on the cabinets. Perhaps you have planned not only the permutation in the room, but and repair. When changing flooring get rid of debris and dust. Builders often leave debris under the floors. And then you have to breathe construction dust, causing allergies and other diseases.
Wallpaper for a room, choose light colors. Take care and good lighting of the living space. In the center of the room hang a crystal chandelier. In the working area make additional lighting. All the bulbs in the chandelier should be working.
Bed position so that she was not in front of the door. Above the bed should not be the beams, cabinets and other hanging items. They can be a danger to your life or adversely affect the quality of sleep. Table place in a well illuminated place, sideways to the window. It is not recommended to sit at the table with his back to the door and put it in front of the door.
Use a sufficient number of cabinets and drawers so that all items in the room was tidied up. But do not try to force the entire space of the room to the maximum, because you need it to move freely.