If the bed is positioned incorrectly, it will affect the vitality of a person and can also cause a number of health problems.

No less important is the place where there is a cot that has a big impact on the health of the baby and its future well-being. This means that when the correct position the child will have restful sleep. Otherwise, it will become more worrisome. If the bed to put in front of the doorway, it can disrupt sleep and sometimes to cause nightmares.

When the bedroom has several large beds, it is not recommended to go to the head towards the feet of another man sleeping. If you neglect this advice then the best career will be closed.

Quite often the beds are placed near the wall or toilet, so the person is exposed to negative energy. Of course, this will ruin not only the sleep but also health. You should not choose a shelf or heavy picture for the bedroom, as if such items will be placed above the bed, it will should be suppressed by energy and lost a good rest.

It is not recommended to buy a bed with wheels, because they cause anxiety. Quite often this disadvantage is characteristic of cots, where children sleep. If you can not completely abandon the wheels, then they should stop so that the bed does not move.

If you want to choose a bed for a married couple, the mattress must be solid, because if there is even a small gap can cause family quarrels. To reduce the negative influence, you need to choose a red blanket and combine separate mattresses. However, between them there should be a sheet.

Injury may be caused by the choice of table or bedside cabinets, which have protruding corners.

Quite often bed close to the wall. In this case, it is recommended to sleep directly at the wall just to the man, as if a woman will step over it, it will not affect his sexual performance and harm family relationships.

It is not necessary to set the mirror near the bed, because the reflection of a sleeping person can be bad for the state of his sleep.