You will need
  • Fledgling Bush Petunia
  • High top escape at least 4-5 large leaves
Calculate the time for the first pinching petunias. Growers are doing this after the fact, when the seedling is transplanted in the open ground. It is important that the plant has time to acclimate and strengthened. So as not to destroy the young Petunia to care for her properly.

• Plant seedlings densely enough.

• Often, water it and spray water in the heat – up to 3 times a day).

• Fertilize once a week with sprinklers and podarkami at the root.

• If Petunia does not grow, use growth stimulants (such as "Citron").

• Planted it in open ground in late may. It must be humus and loam (2:1).
Begin to pinch back petunias when the plant will go into stem" (i.e., will rapidly grow up). Count from the bottom of the stem 3-5 leaf and with your fingers take the upper escape above them, the point of growth of Petunia. Now the flowering Bush is a little slow, but will begin a rapid growth of side shoots. As a result, the Petunia will give a more large buds. In a month you need to repeatedly pinch back Petunia.
Put a remote escape in a jar of water and wait, when it will have small roots. Now it can be used as cuttings to grow new petunias. Before planting the plants into the container with the ground cut off all the leaves, leaving only a couple of the most top.