In order to decorate your infield gentle, tropical exotic rabid petunias, need to be a real enthusiast of the business, because the care of these flowers – it is not easy, requiring specific knowledge and, of course, time consuming. Only with proper care, timely watering and fertilizing fertilizers, Petunia will grow healthy and exquisite will contribute to the design of the backyard landscaping.

Seedling double petunias

Terry Petunia is an annual plant, which means that its fit will have to do every year. Naturally, before you plant a flower in the open ground, it is necessary to ensure healthy growth of the seedlings.

Planted seedlings of Petunia need in February, and it is desirable to use a ready-made substrate, which can be purchased in the store for gardeners. Soil for seedlings should be rich in organic and mineral substances – for this reason, it is better to give preference to the "shop" option. However, preparation of soil you can do yourself, having stirred the earth with humus, compost and sand.

Before planting the seedlings, you should water the soil with hot water and wait until the earth cooled. Seeding should be done, pushing the seeds with your finger in the soil. After planting seeds, cover the container soil with plastic wrap and place it in some warm place.

Once on the surface of the soil will seem like the first tentative strands, the capacity should be placed in a well lit Sunny location. Water the sprouts should be in moderation, as excessive moisture can damage the plant.

Planting in the open ground and further care

Terry to plant Petunia in the open ground should be in the late spring when the ground is already heated. From the moment of planting till the end of the summer, the plant must be periodically fed with mineral fertilizers containing potassium, iron and other nutrients. How often should I feed the plant, you can read in the original packaging with the fertilizer.

In addition to mineral fertilizers, the soil in which it grows tropical beauty, you can water and organic fertilizer based on humus, "mullein" and compost. Water the plant in the open ground, as in the case with seedlings, should not be too often. If the soil is saturated with moisture, the plant will bloom only for a short period. With proper care, petunias can bloom from early summer until the first frost.

It is important to know what to use for watering the flower of cold water is not desirable. Watering is only the soil around the plant, trying to avoid getting water on the stems and flowers. To flowering was abundant and uniform, the dried flowers must be periodically cut.