Factors affecting abundant flowering petunias:

Strong healthy seedlings immediately adapts quickly to a new place of growth when transplanting. Frail and weak needs more power and time to outlet have become "adults" and scored the buds.

- Sufficient space power to "stay". Per plant it takes about 4.5 to 5 litres of nutrient loosened soil. When growing petunias in planters and pots (in boxes), this factor should be considered. Densely planted containers in little sockets will not allow full flowering, and will fight each other for survival and to stretch.

- Dense soil does not develop roots, so for good flowering in heavy soils contribute to disintegrating materials (peat, vermiculite, etc.).

- Regular feeding - an important condition for abundant flowering. Petunia - a plant with a good appetite. Their diet should be, and mineral and organic fertilization, which alternate between watering with water. Fertilize petunias every 7 -- 10 days. When growing flowers in containers is impossible to give a strong concentrated fertilizers, such feeding will lead to the poisoning and salting of soil.

If petunias are a little behind in growth, they can maintain the solutions of humates. But to apply such humic fertilizing is necessary only a few times per season, and at the beginning of growth.

Trace elements are also of significance. Mix soluble fertilizers with trace elements for the flowering plants (sales of their range is great), inscribed on the leaves with a fine spray will always be useful. Especially after heavy rains, breakage of branches by wind, pruning. With the appearance of chlorosis on leaves of Petunia sprayed with a solution of a chelate of iron.

- High quality watering. Petunias require regular watering in the absence of precipitation. Although put up with small flaws owners. Unacceptable "swamping" of plants, which leads to root rot.

Planted in pots and pots and grown in very Sunny areas petunias always need careful watering. Watered them after each drying topsoil. With frequent watering, the soil is eroded and bare roots. They should always be mulched, put some fresh soil.

- Lighting is an essential factor in flowering. But in places where half day sun and half day shade is the best place to fill with bright colors the flowers. Being in the sun, the flowers fade and their color will not be as intense.

- Cleaning and trimming the faded buds gives rise to further flowering. All types of petunias need regular health checkups.