The first time you need to pinch back petunias when she starts to grow rapidly upwards. Should be measured from bottom of stem 5 leaves and pinch off the top of the escape – point growth. After this procedure, the flowering will slow down somewhat, but the side shoots will start to grow actively. In the end, Bush will have a lot of large buds. In a month you need to re-pinched Petunia.

Hybrid petunias pinch is not necessary, in any case they will be bushy.

After pridobivanje, remote shoots (3-4 leaves) can be put in a jar with water and after the appearance of small roots to use them for growing new bushes petunias.

In the formation of a basket of varieties of petunias they too should be pinched in the phase of 4-5 leaves. Throughout the season you need time to remove faded flowers, that you contribute to education on the plants of new buds.

When transplanting plants in pots, the volume pots should be choose depending on the class of Petunia. For example, to the cascading petunias is better to choose large pots, with a rate of 10 l per 1 shrub. For ordinary petunias will suit pots of smaller size. For example, in a container with a volume of 5 l, can be planted 3-4 Bush petunias. If the pot is too small for the plant to bloom it will be a lot poorer.