Petunia used for planting of balconies and loggias, verandas and a patio. Its plant in pots, planters, baskets, containers. Due to the peculiarities of the root system, Petunia grows well in containers with limited volume.


Propagated Petunia seeds. Separate varieties by cuttings. But the survival rate of cuttings is quite low. So every year the seeds of annuals that have sown to obtain seedlings. Petunia seeds - one of the smallest. For ease of planting, sow them on the surface, mixed with sand, or plated on a layer of snow.

First, seedlings were grown in a drawer, and then dive in pots. The land is needed very loose and nutritious. The seeds are planted in March and be sure to give illumination. Germination of the seeds of Petunia good, but the plants are so microscopic that thick sowing, which is difficult to avoid, suppress each other, and often die. Therefore, to sow Petunia need by a large margin, not expecting a hundred percent of the seedlings.

Temperature for germination and seedling growth should not be below +22°C. the Crops need to be covered with glass or plastic and remove the cover only when the sprouts appear first true leaves. Seedlings should be sprayed.

Cuttings are mostly propagated Terry petunias. They are cut from mother plants, which in winter, provide a cool, bright greenhouse. After the cuttings are rooted, they are seated in individual pots with a diameter of 9 cm for rearing.


Flowering small-flowered Petunia varieties occurs within 2.5 months after sowing seeds. Grandiflora bloom two weeks later.

When swordplay seedlings of Petunia first, choose pots with a diameter of 8 cm, and then aged at least two months, planted in pots or regular pots. Petunia is very well tolerated transplant, so do not be afraid to damage it.

Petunia belongs to the drought, but if moisture is not long, require copious irrigation. Waterlogged soil does not like. Loves warm and absolutely does not tolerate drafts. Feed petunias in pots are often needed, every 10-14 days. Alternate organics with minerals. Preferred infusion of mullein and humic fertilizer.

The soil in the pot should be nutritious, consisting of leaf, turf ground, sand and peat. At the bottom poured a layer of expanded clay for drainage of excess moisture. Planted seedlings in pots, containers and planters fairly closely, about 70 seedlings per 1 m2.

Ampelnye petunias need to be watered more frequently in hot weather to spray and protect from the wind. All varieties of Petunia need to be periodically cut in half.