You will need
  • key "10"
  • - key "on 13"
  • - long head "13"
  • - ratchet
  • - extention cord
The only "hammer" to pull up on a viewing ditch or the lift. Driving the car on the pit, put it in first gear and push to the end of the brake lever.
While under the car, a key "on 10" remove the 4 bolts securing the protection of additional muffler. Remove the front mount bracket front silencer rubber cushion. Slide the heat shield forward to release the access node adjusting the Parking brake.
Holding the key "13" adjusting nut cable terminal, a head the same size, loosen the lock nut. Turning the adjusting nut clockwise, pull the cable and adjust the lever stroke of Parking brake. Convenient to adjust the tension of the cable high head ratchet and an extension bar. The lock nut fully turn, and by aligning its edges with edges of the adjusting nut, worn high head "13" and spin both nuts together. Thus pulling the cable, make sure the stroke of the lever "Parking brake" in the cabin did not exceed 4-5 clicks. After adjustment, hold the adjusting nut with the key "13", tighten the locknut head of the same size.
While in the car, turn on the neutral. Several times in a row to the end raise and lower the Parking brake lever, make sure that its course does not exceed five clicks. To the end dropping the "hammer", try to spin the rear wheels of the vehicle, they should rotate easily and without rubbing, otherwise, try to slightly loosen cable adjusting nut again and fix it with lock nut. If rotation is still difficult, you should check the condition of the brake assemblies of the rear wheels.
After adjusting the Parking brake refit the protection of additional silencers and secure it with four bolts. Put on the front mount bracket front silencer rubber cushion.