Advice 1: How to tighten the handbrake Lada Kalina

The handbrake or Parking brake should hold the car on an incline of 25% when raising the lever in the cabin for 3-5 clicks. Put the vehicle on a level place, turn the transmission into neutral and set the emergency brake. Try to push the car, if you got it, then the Parking brake is in urgent need of adjustment.
How to tighten the handbrake Lada Kalina
You will need
  • key "10"
  • - key "on 13"
  • - long head "13"
  • - ratchet
  • - extention cord
The only "hammer" to pull up on a viewing ditch or the lift. Driving the car on the pit, put it in first gear and push to the end of the brake lever.
While under the car, a key "on 10" remove the 4 bolts securing the protection of additional muffler. Remove the front mount bracket front silencer rubber cushion. Slide the heat shield forward to release the access node adjusting the Parking brake.
Holding the key "13" adjusting nut cable terminal, a head the same size, loosen the lock nut. Turning the adjusting nut clockwise, pull the cable and adjust the lever stroke of Parking brake. Convenient to adjust the tension of the cable high head ratchet and an extension bar. The lock nut fully turn, and by aligning its edges with edges of the adjusting nut, worn high head "13" and spin both nuts together. Thus pulling the cable, make sure the stroke of the lever "Parking brake" in the cabin did not exceed 4-5 clicks. After adjustment, hold the adjusting nut with the key "13", tighten the locknut head of the same size.
While in the car, turn on the neutral. Several times in a row to the end raise and lower the Parking brake lever, make sure that its course does not exceed five clicks. To the end dropping the "hammer", try to spin the rear wheels of the vehicle, they should rotate easily and without rubbing, otherwise, try to slightly loosen cable adjusting nut again and fix it with lock nut. If rotation is still difficult, you should check the condition of the brake assemblies of the rear wheels.
After adjusting the Parking brake refit the protection of additional silencers and secure it with four bolts. Put on the front mount bracket front silencer rubber cushion.
Useful advice
After adjustment check up, whether freely
rotate the rear wheels. If they rotate tight, then slightly loosen the adjusting nut and lock it with locknut.

Advice 2: How to activate the key Lada Kalina

To activate the key of the new car - it means to have full-time the immobilizer that does not allow starting the engine without using the ignition key. Usually this procedure is carried out by the employees of the dealership when selling a car, but if this for some reason did not happen, the driver can handle yourself. On the Lada Kalina activation key has a number of features.
How to activate the key Lada Kalina
Included a new car should be two keys that are suitable to the ignition switch, red (training), and black with buttons (working).
Well, if you pay attention to the availability of both keys when buying a car. It is no secret that some car dealers working key issued only to a complete set of "Luxury" Lada Kalina. Necessarily required to provide you with a working key, otherwise you will not be able to activate the immobilizer, and when the possible problems with the standard alarm system will not able to help themselves.
So, pick up Desk (black) and the training (red) keys from your car.
Sit in the car, close the door. Insert the learning key into the ignition and turn the key to the far right. You will hear three beeps. Get training key.
Now you need to quickly (within 5-6 seconds) to insert into the ignition switch black working key and turn it all the way into the castle. If you did everything on time, you will hear three beeps, but after a certain period of time, still two beeps.
Then within 5-6 seconds you will again need to turn on the ignition the red learning key. Again wait for three beeps and then two beeps.
If all goes well, then turn the ignition off. Please note - the key is to stay in the castle. Wait for a single beep.
Within a short period of time (not more than 6 seconds) re-ignition on and count to five. Always wait for a single beep.
If done right, you will see how the indicator flashes the hazard warning light system. Switch off the ignition. Leave the key in the lock until, until you turn off the indicator with the image of the machine on the control panel. Now you can use it on your car - it is securely protected from theft.
Before the procedure, activation key pour full tank of gas. Otherwise you can get lost in the sound signal - they can talk about the lack of gasoline, but not on successful completion of the activation procedure.
Useful advice
You can avoid the activation key, using a third-party alarm system. But the immobilizer has several advantages over any alarm - if activated the key, the car cannot be started any other way - only with your key.
However, judging by responses of owners of Lada Kalina on this car the immobilizer has the ability to sometimes fail. The reason may be dripping antifreeze on the surface of a regular alarm. To avoid blocking of the ignition system of your car at the wrong time, experienced motorists suggest tightly wrap the component in plastic wrap. After this procedure the problems with the immobilizer, as a rule, does not happen.

Advice 3: Lada Kalina: characteristics and features

Lada Kalina is a popular model of domestic production, which in 2013 experienced a change of generations. The car has a good technical characteristics, as well as a number of features.
Lada Kalina
Lada Kalina of the second generation was unveiled in August 2012 at the international motor show in Moscow, and its serial production started on may 16, 2013.

Characteristics of Lada Kalina II

The "second" Lada Kalina is offered in two body styles – five-door hatchback and station wagon, the sedan was replaced by the Lada Granta model. As for dimensions, the length of the hatchback is 3893 mm, height – 1500 mm and wheelbase is 2476 mm. the station Wagon is slightly longer and higher – 4084 and 1539 mm, but the distance between the axes of he is similar. Equal to the car width and ride height – 1700 and 145 mm, respectively.

Curb weight of the hatchback Lada Kalina varies from 1000 to 1055 kg, depending on configuration, and wagon – from 1020 to 1075 kg. fuel tank capacity models are the same – 50 litres, but the capacity of the Luggage compartment varies considerably – 260 litres 361 litres in favor of the universal.

Lada Kalina II is equipped with three 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engines. The first produces 87 HP and 140 Nm of peak torque, the second force 98 and 145 Nm, and the third 106 HP and 148 Nm. Combined motors with a 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic transmission.

Front suspension for Lada Kalina of the second generation independent, spring, and rear – semi-independent, spring. In the front the car has ventilated disc brakes and rear – drum.

Features of Lada Kalina II

Lada Kalina of the second generation has a number of features. To start is to note an attractive and modern appearance. The interior of the car spacious for its class, the Assembly is not perfect, but good quality, materials very decent, and even design special raises no objections.

But the main feature of the Lada Kalina is a low price. For a hatchback 327 minimum ask for 500 rubles, and for the universal – 334 500 rubles. The list of standard equipment already includes a driver's airbag, front electric Windows and trip computer. The top version of the hatchback called "Luxury" will cost 432 000 rubles for the version with manual gearbox and in 481 000 rubles / t, universal prices next – 439 000 488 000 respectively. This car sports two airbags, climate control, rain sensors and light, mirrors electric and heated, heated front seats, electric Windows "full circle" on-staff "music" with USB connector, multimedia system and others. For the money a similar set of equipment is not available on any competing models.
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