You will need
  • Laptop (netbook), projector connection cable.
To connect the projector to your laptop you will need to completely de-energizing these devices. Turn them off, pulling the network cables out of their sockets.
Route the cable from the projector's VGA cable to the laptop.
Make connection of this cable. The VGA connector on the laptop, usually blue in color.
First turn on the projector, connecting to the mains, and only then to the laptop.
As a rule, then you just have to adjust the image, because it should automatically appear when you turn on the laptop. But there are times when it must be enabled. For this you need to wait until it loads the operating system and press Fn + "key to move between screens." You recognize her by the picture of two monitors. On laptops from Acer this image you can see on the F6 button.
If the image is not displayed on the projector, then your laptop is unplugged or functional keys this projector is not suitable for your video card. Often it may caused by an outdated model of your video card. Newer models of graphics cards include the connection to the DVI connector. This connector is more universal and has a high image quality. Connect the projector to this connector it is possible only in the presence of the corresponding output on the projector.