Take a simple square sheet of paper and fold it in half in both directions to identify the center point. To the obtained center point fold all four corners of a square. In the end you'll have a diamond drop in the center. Then again fold to the center all four corners figure.
Turn the figure and repeat the steps above again to the center fold all corners. You will see elements of the reverse bend. In the end, you should get a small square of eight triangular slices.
The resulting square that you fold in half first one way, then the other. You will see the resulting pockets on the reverse side of the figure – paste the thumbs and index fingers of both hands and try to breed them in hand, changing the position of the fragments of a paper fortune-teller.
For each fragment, write any number that suits your results of the future divination, any phrase or any word. To tell fortunes, enough to make any number and uncover the fortune with the fingers alternately horizontally then vertically as many times as you want.
The opening phrase, or the number will be the result of your divination. If you write down the teller number, not words, pre-generate a table of values and the predictions corresponding to each number.
Many examples of these divining tables can be found on the Internet. This fortune teller can be a good way to spend your free time both in school and at home with friends.