The easiest way to "package" the gift of the bills is to purchase a special card for the money" - in fact the same envelope, but nicely decorated. Gift wrapping can make their own, decorate an ordinary envelope with application, illustration, bows or ribbons.
If the idea of a beautiful envelope seems banal – it is possible to come up with innovative ways of packaging. For example, wrap the money silk fabric, tie a ribbon and put in a small box or gift box. You can package each bill separately, turning it into a straw and garnish with a bow or by placing in a separate small envelopes out of colored paper, writing on each envelope, the kind words.
As packaging for "cash gift" can be used a purse, wallet or even a child's piggy Bank. Simply place your bills inside – and give not "just money" and "purse". As apps for money can be almost anything. For example, take a small plush toy, hang it round her neck pouch with the bills and go to the celebrant give him the "money Bunny", which will bring financial luck.
If your cash gift is the "target" (that is, it is assumed that the receiver use the money for a specific purchase), you can beat this in the design of your show. For example, if you give money on a new cell phone bills you can put in your purse for a cell; a "target fee" for the purchase of kitchen furniture placed in a beautiful teapot.