How creative to give a gift: 5 original ways

Method 1. To prepare a creative gift presentation, it is desirable to know more information about the room where will be held the festive event. So, if the celebration will be at the restaurant, you can connect to the process of giving its technical staff, musicians, waiters, cooks, etc, all clearly plan at the time so it didn't become annoying overlays.

For example, you have agreed with the waitress that she'll bring your gift which will be hidden in some sweetness, but this time the band will play favorite music of the celebrant. If you want to congratulate the woman, you can enjoy a performance of the Serenade dedicated to her personally. The birthday girl will be very pleased with such attention.

Of course, for this you will need to pay for additional services of the restaurant staff. But your gift will surely be the most original. Typically, such a method of delivery used by men when they want to propose to his beloved.

Method 2. You can organize a collective congratulation for the honoree. It will deal with many people, familiar and unfamiliar birthday to each of them in the day of his birth called or texted on Skype, email, ICQ your wishes. The celebrant will be pleased about that important date for him knows and remembers so many people.

Method 3. You can present a gift and so: just put it on the Mat at the door, press the bell and then run off a couple of flights of stairs. There you can hear everything that is going to happen.

Method 4. Wrap your gift in several layers of wrapping paper. Initially, the deployment will cause a slight surprise to the honoree, and then cheer him and others. Here the main thing – do not overdo it, will be enough for 3-5 layers of paper.

Method 5. If your gift is designed for a romantic evening, place the gift in the right size sealed container. Then wrap the wrapping paper. Then, using wire or fishing line attach to it a small container of water with floating candles. Handing the gift in the darkness, not forgetting to pre-burn all the candles. Be very careful that they should not fall. Romantic mood of your beloved will be provided.

How creative to give money as a gift

If you want to give money, do not do it casually. They can be hidden in a balloon bouquet, a soft toy or the packaging of multiple layers and colored boxes.

In respect of money or other gift will be important to make a treasure map on which you want to find pirate treasure. At each waypoint will be prompted where to find the next point. Your greeting will turn into incredibly addictive game.

Any way to give presents to the good when it shows how much you care about the hero of the occasion. And most importantly, no restrictions in the case of gift no - do what you tell your imagination.