On the Internet you can find a lot of interesting and easy to the performance of the origami shapes out of bills. And bird, a basket, a butterfly, or a house you will give you decide.
If origami is not your strong point and you find it easier to give money in the envelope, and this way to make it memorable. Make a very large envelope, big, big, (for example, a sheet of drawing paper, folded in half). Beautifully it adorn, in the "to" email is the most honorable (well, rich) hero of the day. And with the words "All give you small envelopes with money, and I'm giving the big. Because most of all I wish you prosperity" give your gift. However, from the redemption amount will not leave the envelope should look tight, full of money. Of course, you can add homemade banknotes, which is monetary value your wishes and greetings.
Anniversaries belong to the generation who are watching a favorite television show for many years. And therefore the giving of money can take the form of one of your favorite TV shows, for example, "Field of dreams". For vital endurance excellent character, thrift and, for example, the ability to cook barbecue celebrant rely two boxes. You are asked to guess which of them is the coveted prize. The point is that the amount you want to give, you need to divide equally and put in both boxes. When the celebrant opens one and guess you could say the words that the celebrant is also incredibly lucky. And with these words to ask to open the second box.
If the celebrant is a male, but still with a sense of humor, beat your gift in the form of "the big Laundry". Is fixed to the rope with clothespins socks (clean and dry). These socks are hiding and give the money. You can bring to this wife of the celebrant, creating a new twist in the game: how it is able to feel where the hidden stash of her husband. And let them try to guess which sock got the money. The meaning is the same as the previous version – the money is all socks.