Advice 1: How to make a purse

Such is the tradition that the purse need to get a gift instead of buying for myself. On the one hand, the wallet is the usual thing, and on the other the repository of the budget, the symbol of money. It is important to approach the selection of this thing seriously, thoroughly, to improve the well-being of its owner. How to buy and give to a purse?
How to make a purse
Keep in mind the taste of who is present. Agree that the purses for the child and a businessman are quite different in appearance and functionality. Now you can buy a wallet for every taste and budget. Youth fit wallets Velcro, chains, with unusual prints. A respectable man will appreciate the high-quality clip for paper money or purse with pockets for cards and business cards. Look to the purse was a functional, specify which currency will be stored there. Size wallets for rubles, dollars and euros, as a rule, different. Well, when the purse several compartments – for coins and bills.
Pay attention to the material of the purse and the color. Respectable people in order to maintain the image of choose wallets made of genuine leather or suede with embossed or rhinestones. And if the budget for a small gift that will fit the purse of fabric or leatherette. No matter what material you are staying, prefer wallet shades of earth or metal. The best colors for wallets are brown, black, yellow, silver and Golden. According to Feng Shui in these wallets will always be around money. Avoid blue, blue, green colors for coin holders and purses, because these colors are associated with water, which can leak and carry with him all the wealth.
If you are giving the purse to the woman, pay attention to the size of her purse. According to the rules of Feng Shui, the spacious wallet, the more money in it. However, if the ladies handbag is small, then the huge purse she's just useless. Women's wallet usually needs to be stylish and fashionable, because this kind accessory and decoration. You can choose the model that combines a wallet and makeup bag.
Remember that the purse is not made to give empty! Invest in a bill or a few coins that will serve as a good desire of wealth to whom you make the gift.
If it's time to replace the purse, and no one gives gain it themselves. To do this, when you purchase give the seller most of the bill, and the change will be ask to put in a new wallet. This is to ensure that you always prosper. At the time when the seller will invest the money in your wallet mentally say, "the coin Shop big and small!"

Advice 2: What to buy the wallet to have money

When choosing a purse, you need to pay attention to a few details. The perfect purse - genuine leather, black, elegant, sleek and expensive. Pretty sure there will always be money.
What to buy the wallet to have money
Some believe that the correct choice of wallet promotes the multiplication of money in it. There are different tips for choice of this accessory is to attract finances into your life. You need to pay attention for a few moments.


A cheap purse can be driven only a trifle. Therefore, the purse you need to choose from natural material. It have to be leather, not suede, as the latter wears off quickly, which is directly proportional effect on the state of the money in the wallet. In addition, it is believed that the skin unlike artificial material, will not block the access of cosmic energy inside.

The purse need to choose the best one you can afford. Before buying you need to hold it in my hand, to touch from all sides – he really must like it. If in doubt, it is better to abstain.


Should not buy blue, blue, green and a similar shade of purses. These colors carry water symbols, so the money from this wallet will leak like water.

Some prefer to buy purses red flowers. In principle, this is the normal choice, however, the color red carries not only positive power, but also aggression. Therefore, the best color is black, signifying money. You can also buy a purse, symbolizing the sign of the Earth – brown, gold and shades. Money here must exactly start.

The shape and size

Form of purse in which the money will always have to be a classic, rectangular. As for the size, it is not necessary to choose a small purse in which the money will have to fold in half. Money is like neatness and order, so the notes in a perfect purse to fit comfortably. It is best that the wallet had several compartments for each banknote value.


In principle, the design is not so important. But the purse should not be screaming, too cheerful or too gloomy. The wallet needs to look serious and respectable. The perfect wallet for money will be one in which exquisite beauty will be combined with a modest simplicity. Discreet but expensive purse lure in their bowels is not one red bill.

It is advisable to buy a purse with a minimum of decoration or no. Simplicity, brevity, high cost – features typical of the purse where there's money.

Advice 3: What should be the purse to have money

Money have a powerful force, and not everyone knows how to use the cash flows of energy, although this ability depends directly on the well-being and success in financial matters. Wallet is the place where you store money for daily expenses. From its shape and colors varies a lot. How to choose a wallet that it always were the bills of the highest denomination.
What should be the purse to have money

What needs to be done the "happy wallet"

It is desirable that your wallet has been made from natural materials. Leather purse looks good and can attract the flow of money energy, but there is one contradiction. Natural the skin sometimes preserves the energy of the dead animal, which can get in the way of development and growth of welfare. Perfect material for a purse – natural textiles.

What shape should be purse

Do not keep money in a tight purse. Notes should be kept in expanded form. In an ideal wallet should be several compartments for money of different value and a special place for the little things. To attract money energy all the time, to carry the bill-mascot. It may become a bill with your favorite numbers or batch number, which contains your date of birth. This bill cannot be spent under any circumstances.

Your wallet should contain only money, no extraneous things should not be there. It is not necessary to store in purse photos of relatives, icons, checks or business cards. Only money and plastic cards.

What should be the color of the purse

Black purse is classic. Many people prefer this color because it symbolizes the high status and respectability.

Brown wallet is able to attract money. It is believed that brown inspires a sense of peace and stability.

Red wallet are also able to attract money energy. It is the color of activity, aggression and power. In the red purse your money will always be in motion. For those who prefer stability in life, it is better to choose a purse in a different shade.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the most favorable are the colors of Earth and Metal (gold, silver, green).

Color belonging to the Water element, are unfavorable for the purse. If you want to have money, don't buy products blue and blue.

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