You will need
  • money.
  • Bank / decorative trunk;
  • - a photo album;
  • - stem roses.
If the couple did not warn you that you can deliver the gift to the house, which has long been practiced in many countries, make sure that it nicely to hand. Of course, always appropriate to the original and exclusive gift, delivered, for example, cheerful clowns. It is important to determine precisely the time of delivery to the couple to fully enjoy your ingenuity.
Mostly newlyweds and guests prefer gifts in the form of banknotes. But this does not mean that you should give money, sealing them in envelopes, even if issued in the form of a colorful postcard. Many firms, for example, offer to present a "candy bouquet". The principle is to wrap candies of banknotes in the form of a flower bouquet. The value of notes depends on the financial capacity of the donor. The gift turns out very original and interesting.
Very impressive is the "money rose". To make it easy. You will need the stem from the rose. The upper part is made of twisted and wrapped around the stem bills, fixed with ordinary gum.
Give the newlyweds "a jug with savings". This can be either an ordinary Bank, or decorative chest or a small gift bag and etc. the Bank can roll up all the rules of conservation, alluding to the first "stash". It is possible to make original funny wishes. Of course, the "pods" it is better to fill as tightly as possible, which should consider the dignity of banknotes and the volume.
Beat the prize money gift, originally having an ordinary sheet of drawing paper. Twist it in the form of some "ancient maps" or "message from a bottle". On his stick numerous pockets with the target names use of funds: for an apartment to stay, a car, etc. This idea can be put into the album with funny comments and wishes.
Surprise the newlyweds. Give them, for example, fireworks for their celebration. In this case it is important to consider the time of delivery of such gift. Get the newlyweds to the door of the room where the Banquet that they have received your gift. They will certainly remember the minutes of colorful fireworks.