If the connection is through the computer, run a mixer program. It can be called in different operating systems, and can be run in various ways. Find in the program the function of the control sensitivity of the microphone. With it, turn down the sensitivity to the required level.
If the connected microphone is made to the recorder, find on it a manual or automatic switch-level recording. With it, select the manual method of controlling the recording level. Reduce its related controller. At the hearing, it is impossible to do, so watch the indicator (almost all recorders, which provide manual control of recording level, it has).
When using a dynamic microphone, which is used in karaoke, but not good for the computers that connect through the attenuator, also made from the variable resistor. The resistance of the microphone should be ten times less than the value of this resistor. General cable cord that goes to the computer, and the microphone plug to the left pin of the resistor, the microphone output plug to the right, and the input of the sound card in the middle.
If the device proxy is designed to work with a dynamic microphone, it is possible the joint use of such a microphone, the sensitivity of which is selectively changed depending on the location of the sound source, and which can affect the membrane of the microphone with one hand stronger than the other, or do is located at a distance and has the same effects on the membrane from both sides. In this case, the sounds a microphone is almost not perceived.
To reduce the sensitivity is possible mechanically. To do this, wrap the MIC with a cloth (the number of layers vary in sound).