If you won't do anything and continue to suffer from love on the sidelines, the object of your sympathy don't know. Go for it! Be always close to, but do not show urgency. Show the girl that you are careful: I'm sure she shared with you their wishes, memorize them and try to perform. If a girl said that loves Levitan, go to an art gallery, and if she dreams of a Ferris wheel, arrange a date in an amusement Park, etc.
Show yourself interesting and versatile companion, show sincere interest in the Hobbies of the girl.
Increasingly interested in her news and mood. A simple phone call or a text message wishing me a good day to accentuate your care. Tell a girl a compliment, if not resolved immediately say: "I love you", first things first: "You are so beautiful, you have such mesmerizing eyes, soft hands, improvise, any girl would be such a nice compliment. Give the object of their sympathies is a small but beautiful gift.
Often catch her eye or smile, try to gently touch the arm or waist girl, this tactile contact can become more eloquent than any words.
Girls love courageous. Think again: perhaps the most simple and effective way to hint about feelings would be the recognition in them. But maybe I should give relations to develop peacefully, not to rush things, and time and mutual sympathy will soon give you both confidence in himself and in his own feelings.