You will need
  • * item for quenching;
  • * correlated with the size of the part capacity with any lubricating oil;
  • * correlated with the size of the part capacity with cold water;
  • * ticks;
  • * wax;
  • * fire (stove, gas burner)
For hardening of steel both ways to start detail it is necessary to properly warm up. Take it and put it in the campfire coals. If there is no fire - heat burner or on the stove. But note that for the process of hardening steel is highly recommended it is the coals, because their temperature is much higher than the temperature which can be obtained on the burner or stove.After some time (for example, to "warm up" the knife you'll need about 10-15 minutes), the item will become bright crimson in color, which means that the required temperature has been reached. Mites pull detail out of the fire.
According to the first method, 2 times in a row with an interval in 2-3 seconds dip it in a bowl with butter, leaving at the first dip for 3-4 seconds, the second for 5-6 seconds. Then dip the part in a container of water for the final cooling.
Acting on the second, more "compact" method, after heating the item soak in the wax. Immediately remove and repeat this step as long as your detail does not get cold enough to stop the wax to penetrate.